In this third edition of Ftalks, we bring together some of the biggest players and change-makers in the food ecosystem. The Summit will focus on sustainability and health, and will involve startups, experts, industry players, investors, and innovators from around the world.

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 Speakers Ftalks'21 

Matias Muchnick

CEO & Founder NotCO

Daphna Nissenbaum

CEO & Co-founder TIPA®

Juan Llorca

CEO Kids Inspired Food

Karl De Smedt

The Sourdough Librarian

Ido Savir

CEO & Co-founder Supermeat


Protein 4.0 / Zero Waste / Biodiversity & Smart Agriculture / Health, Taste & Wellbeing / Impact Investing / Data, AI & Robotics / Retail & Food Service / Food Education / Clean Water

After the success of the second edition Ftalks Food Summit, we have decided to do it again! We will bring together the top global referents on the transformation of the food system.


Experience the foods of the future and meet the most disruptive innovators in our sector at this event in person or online.

 Food Conference 

More than 50 speakers from all over the world have inspired us to take action at ftalks'21. Keynotes and round tables with leading agents that foster solutions to the most urgent challenges of the sector, such as food waste, sustainable packaging, complementary proteins or preservation of biodiversity among others.

 Future BOX 

A careful selection of innovative products created by transformation leaders, companies and startups of the industry. It entailes a showcase of new products framed around sustainability and health that were developed to meet consumer needs. 

 Future Market 

El Telar de Miguel Martí has become the supermarket of the future thanks to ftalks'21. More than 25 startups exhibited there, offering a glance of the type of food that we can expect to find on the shelves in coming years.

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 Future Lunch 

A unique menu inspired by the challenges of the sector, serving as the final "touch" to the third edition of ftalks Food Summit. Designed by chef Miguel Martí and KM ZERO, the future lunch was an immersive gastronomic experience with dishes that become the edible expression of the future of food.