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 October 15th 

9.30-10.00Registration – Welcome Coffee


Raul Martin. Director KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, co-organizers and institutions


10:15-10:30Anticipating the future of food. Presentation of Fooduristic'21.

Beatrice Jacoste. Business Development Manager KM ZERO


10:30-10:45Presentation of the Future Box. (box with innovative products)


10:45-11:00The revolution of robots in restoration

Victor Martin. CEO & Founder Macco Robotics.

11:00-11:20We will print the hamburger that cures COVID

Javier Sivent. Technology Evangelist.


11:20-11:50What will we eat in the cities of the future?

-Vincent Sunday. CEO CEMAS.
-Jose Miguel Herrero. General Director of the Food Industry. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
-Lidia Garcia-Garcia. R+D+i technique. Agrifood. The ships
Moderator: Fernando Martinez. Food Magazine Director.


11:50-12:20Coffee Break and walk through the Future Market (showroom of companies and products)


12:20 – 12:30Fireside chat - Open Innovation Company & Startups

Ruben Hidalgo. Director Ecosystems Innovation and Entrepreneurship CAPSA FOOD

Diego Amores. CEO & Founder Agroindustrial Environment
Moderator: Catalina Valencia. Community Lead KM ZERO


12:30-12:50The Future of Food: Towards Precision Nutrition

Daniel Ramon. VP R&D Health & Wellness ADM


12:50-13:00How to be a Concious Eater (ENGLISH)

Sophie Egan, Author of "How to Be a Conscious Eater" and Founder of Full Table Solutions.


13:00 – 13:10Fireside chat – Company & Startup

Carlos Valero. Quality and R&D Manager Ceylan
- Lucia Mompo. CEO Malferida
Moderator: Estefania Pastor. Head of Business Section Valencia Plaza

13:10 – 13:40The role of cultivated meat in the protein transition. 

Didier Toubia. Co-founder & CEO Aleph Farms. (ENGLISH)


13:40-14:00Nurturing body and mind of future generations.

-Juan Llorca. CEO KIDS Inspired Food
-Marta Fombellida. Innovation Consultant. Gastro Genius by KM ZERO.

-Rosa Valenzuela. Director People Are Science.

Moderator: Beatriz Jacoste. Business Development Manager KM ZERO



15:00-15:30Break – Future Market


15:30-16:00Meat Reinvented

Giuseppe Scionti. CEO & Founder Novameat

16:00-16:10Wellness and Microbiome Health

Lisa & Alana Macfarlane. Founders TheGut Stuff (ENGLISH)


16:10-16:30Foodtech Startup Pitch Session (Round 1: 4 startups)

-Louis Chimeno. co-founder and CMO oscillation  

-Tanaka Mawindi. CEO & Founder salsy  

-Louis Font. Founder Robin Good 

-Juan Pablo De Giacomi. CEO innomy  

16:30-16:40Fireside Chat - Open Innovation Company & Startup

David Perez. Southern Europe Regional Manager Dacsa Group

-Isidro Crespo. SINBLAT Partner
Moderator: Beatriz Jacoste. Business Development Manager KM ZERO


16:40-17:00Driving impact investment in the food sector


Regina Hecker. Partner Blue Horizon Ventures
-Josep Segarra. Impact Investment Manager, Quadia,

- Andrew Ive. Founder & GP Big Idea Ventures
-Erich Sieber. Co-Founder, Managing Director, PeakBridge

Moderator: Leandro de Oliveira. Entrepreneur & Startup advisor


17:00 – 17:30Coffee Break – Future Market


17:30-17:40Fireside Chat - Open Innovation Company & Startup

-Gerard Grace. Head of Digital Business Innovation Estrella Galicia

-Luis Bardaji. Co-founder & CEO Trucksters
Moderator: Estefania Pastor. Head of Business Section Valencia Plaza


17:40-18:05The Speed of Change is Faster Than Our Response (ENGLISH)

Howard-Yana Shapiro. Senior Fellow, Center for International Forestry Research and the University of California, Davis

18:05-18:30Turning the SDGs into Action

- Pablo Sanchez. Executive Director B Lab Spain

-Annaick Locqueneux. Initiative Promoter Who is the Boss?

-Helena Calvo, Movement Manager  Too Good to Go 

Laura Dieguez. Director of Communication, Public Affairs and Sustainability of Bayer Iberia

Moderator: Fernando Martínez. Food Magazine Director.


18:30-18:45How can packaging help the food industry accelerate the transition to a circular economy?

R enata Monteiro. Marketing Manager of Tetra Pak Iberia


18:45-19:10How can food service have a positive impact?

-Carlos Cocheteux, IKEA FOOD Country Manager

- George Breton. CEO The Cooking Clubster

Noel Garcia. Business Development Manager Lean Path

Moderator: Beatriz Romanos. Founder The Tech Food


19:10-19:20The planetary diet: diverse, tasty and sustainable. + Comment Future Dinner (ENGLISH)

Paul Newman. Founder Chefs' Manifesto.


19:20-19:30Closing of the first day


21:00-23:00Future Dinner & Robotic Drinks by Macco Robotics

  October 16  

9:30-9:35Opening of the day

Raul Martin. Director KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub


9:35-10:00New generation of alternative proteins and fats

- Andres Montefeltro. CEO & Co-founder Cubiq Foods

-Gabriel Vicedo. CEO & Co-founder Trillions
- Marc Coloma. CEO & Co-founder Heura
Giuseppe Scionti. CEO & Founder Novameat

Moderator: David Barreiro. Keynote Speaker Euromeat


10:00-10:05NotCo. Artificial intelligence to create plant-based food


10:05-10:20Overview of foodtech investment.

Beatrice Romanos. Founder The TechFood


10:20-10:40Foodtech Startup Pitch Session (Round 2: 4 startups)

-Jesus  Cherry. CEO & Founder  vegaffinity 

-Daniel Andrew. Co-founder & CMO Agrosingularity  

-Emilio  Viguera. Co-founder & CEO Food Stories  

-Natalia Valley. CEO Plant on demand  

10:40-11:10The Future of Restoration

- Victor Martin. CEO & Founder Macco Robotics
- Nathalia Ordonez. Partnerships Lead Take a Restaurant

- German Carrizo. Chef-Gastronomic Tandem Advisor.

Charlotte Mateos. Co-founder PlenEat
Moderator: Beatriz Romanos. Founder TechFood Magazine


11:10-11:40Break and walk through the Future Market


11:40-11:55The Iberian Real Food seal: healthy and sustainable food in industry and restaurants
Carlos Jimeno. Quality Coordinator People are Science


11:55-12:10Promoting biodiversity without undermining food production. How do we achieve it?
Santiago Cerda. Operational Marketing Manager Bayer Crop Science.


12:10-12:20How to integrate the innovation Know How of a start up to a large organization?
-Carlos John.
 You go out and Marketing Manager vicky foods  

- Fito Garcia. Production Plant Manager,Vicky Foods

Moderator: Raúl Martín. Director KM ZERO


12:20-12:40The Future of Packaging

Rodrigo Garcia. Cofounder & Co-CEO Notpla


12:40-13:10Innovation to solve challenges in the food industry

-Laia Mas. Director of Public Affairs and Sustainability, Danone.
-Iker Ganuza. Foods Marketing Director, PepsiCo South West Europe, PepsiCo.

-Raphael John. CEO Vicky Foods.
-Christian Ull. Head of Innovation Logifruit.
Moderator: Raúl Martín. Director KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub


13:10-13:20Influencers and New Consumption Habits

Chef Bosquet


13:20-13:45Driving innovation from the university and research centers
-Cristina del Campo. CEO Aina.
-Amparo Chiralt. Professor of Food Technology UPV

-Juan Antonio Carrasco. EDEM Expansion Director
- Pedro Carrasco. Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology UV
- Juan Francisco Delgado. Vice President INTEC Foundation
Moderator: Leonor Sáiz. Director of External Relations and Communication. Martinez Group


13:45-14:00Announcement of Winning Startups Ftalks Awards 2020.

Presentation of the awards designed by the startup Naif Factory Lab. Josean Vilar, co-founder.



Raul Martin. Director KM ZERO, institutions and partners.

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