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 October 20 
Aula Magistral
 Palau de les Arts 




  Raúl Martín. CEO of KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub.
  Marian Campello. Autonomous Secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Generalitat Valenciana.


9:30 Challenges and opportunities for the food system in a complex context.

 Beatriz Jacoste. Director at KM ZERO.

9:45 Resilience in the Spanish food industry.

 Marta Colomer. Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Idilia Foods.

 Ana Palencia. Director of Unilever Communications.

 José Miguel Herrero. General Director of Food Industry Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

 Moderator: Fernando Martinez. Revista Alimentaria Director.

10:15 AGROPARC: a new model of sustainable and circular food production.

 Josep Ametller. Co-founder Ametller Origen.

10:30 LAB Foundation: Coopetition as a lever for growth. 

 Zulema Beresaluce. Director and Business Sales Manager Aceitunas Cazorla. 

 Miguel Angel Royo. CIO Giditek. 

 Raul Martin. Corporate Director of Production, People and Family Systems Martínez and CEO of KM ZERO.

 Moderator: Javier Jimenez. General Director of Lanzadera and Deputy Secretary of Fundación LAB Mediterráneo.

11:00 The new protein transition. Results of the first neuroscience study on protein perception in Spain

 Mario Ubiali. Founder and CEO Thimus Inc.

11:15 – 12:00


12:00 Accelerating food transformation through open innovation and entrepreneurship

 Ana Thielen. R&D; Europastry R&D Marketing Manager.

 Pablo Hernández. Global Innovation Manager SIGMA.

 Giancarlo Addario. Director at Five Seasons Ventures.

 Moderator: Nicolás Meneses. Sustainable Food Systems Vertical Lead Mass Challenge.

12:30 What is a healthy diet?

 Mariela Glandt. Founder OwnaHealth & Co-founder Eatsane.

12:45 Creating companies of the future with open innovation.

 Jorge Grande. General Manager at Puratos Iberia. 

 Araceli Císcar. CEO Dacsa. 

 Pedro Ballester. CEO Logifruit. 

 Rafael Juan. CEO Vicky Foods.

 Moderator: Raúl Martín. CEO KM ZERO.

13:15 Where is sector of agrifoodtech heading?

 Henrietta Hearth. Vice President Big Idea Ventures. 

 Nicol Chiesa. Venture Capital Investor Planet Fund. 

 Melina Sanchez. Principal & VP Impact AENU. 

 Josep Segarra. Senior Investment Manager Quadia.

 Moderator: Maria Escarti. Director Invest in Valencia.

13:45 What can Food Design do?

 Francesca Zampollo. Ph.D. Founder Online School of Food Design.

14:05 – 15:30


15:30 Applied technology for a more sustainable food system.

  Daniel Ramón. New Product Introductions Manager Apeel Sciences. 

  Ricardo Oteros. Director of SupraCafé. 

  Belén Franch. Professor at the University of Valencia and scientific collaborator of NASA.

  Moderator: Sonia Tirado. General Director of Innovación Generalitat Valenciana.

16:00 Building a healthy future through education.

  Cristina Ribes. Executive Director Gasol Foundation Europe. 

  Albert Conde. Founder and CEO Xabet Dominguis Group.

  Alberto Jiménez. Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Smileat.

  Moderator: Catalina Valencia. Community Lead KM ZERO.

16:30 The future of new proteins: delicious, accessible and in balance with people and the planet.

  Juan Aguiriano. Group Head Sustainability and Technology Ventures, Global Group Executive Kerry. 

  Maya Ashkenazi. CEO & Co-Founder Maolac & Co-Founder Mao FoodTech. 

  Miguel Angello De Facci de Oliveira. Chief Operating Officer at NOVAMEAT. 

  Moderator: Eduardo Iha. Co-Founder & Host at Future Hacker.

17:00 Tony's Chocolonely: Chocolate 100% slave free.

 Peter Zandee. Amazon Global and Relationship Manager Spain, Portugal and Italy Tony's Chocolonely.

17:15 New proteins hit the market.

  Alejandra Allendes. Co-Founder & CIO Quelp. 

  Isabel Fernández. Director of Science and Technology Heura. 

  Florencio García. Director Better Balance Europe. 

  Andrés Pascual. Innovation Director at AINIA.

  Moderator: Beatriz Romanos. Author of “Foodtech. The great revolution of the food industry”.

17:45 Discovering the omniclient.

  Ricardo Fernández. Director of Quality and Sustainable Development Carrefour Spain. 

  Elena Pozueta. Food Experiencia Manager Inter IKEA Group. 

  Hunab Moreno. General Manager Getir Iberia. 

  Gonzalo Úrculo. Co-Founder & CEO CrowdFarming.

  Moderator: Natalia Marcó. Business Development Manager at AECOC Retail Knowledge.

18:15 Foodtech. The great revolution of the food industry. Book Presentation by Beatriz Romanos.

18:30 Closing.

Side activities

12:00-13:30 Food design workshop by Kraut Food Studio (Spanish).

15:45-17:15 How will you change the world? Food design workshop by Francesca Zampollo (English).

 October 21 
El Telar
 de Miguel Martí 

9:00 Registration and Future Market


9:30 Will we eat in the metaverse?

  Marius Robles. Chief Visionary Officer, Food By Robots.


9:45 Designing the food of the future.

 David Baldoví. Director Brandsummit. 

 Julia Varela. Co-founder Kraut Food Studio. 

 Luis Díaz. Project Manager Low poly.

 Moderator: Xavi Calvo. Director World Design Capital Valencia 2022.

10:15 Resetting the food system: from seed to table.

 Bernardo Cuenca. Crop Coordinator Melon & Watermelon Rijk Zwaan. 

 Lola Vicente-Almazán. R+D+i Technique in Las Naves Agrifood. 

 Elvira Domingo. RIS Program Manager EIT FOOD.

 Ana Karen Zapata. COO of ClimateTrade.


 Pink Albatross



 Let’s Cook



11:15 – 12:30

Coffee Break, Future Market & Food Design Expo


  Get Hello


  El asador en tu casa



  Delivery Nation

13:00 Impact investment.

  Catalina Girald. General Partner at Cardumen Foodtech. 

  Margarita Albors. President Social Nest Foundation. 

  Pedro de Álava. Director Tech Transfer Agrifood.

  Moderator: Beatriz Aznar. Editor at Disruptores e Innovadores - El Español.

13:25 Eat well to keep eating.

  Edu Torres. Founder of Molino Roca.

  Germán Carrizo. Chef-Advisor at Tándem Gastronómico.

  Lluis Cintas. CEO & Co-founder of oríGenes Festival Gastronómico.

  Jon Anguera Velasco. F&B Manager at the Westin Valencia.

  Moderator: Almudena Ortuño. Gastronomic journalist at Las Provincias & Tapas Magazine & director of Brava.


14:00 Future Lunch & Networking.

16:00 Closure.

Side activities

  - Food Design Area

  - Neuroscience Station by Thimus

  - Networking Area/ KM ZERO Venturing (Startups-investors)  

  - Future Market: Robots, tastings  

  - Press & Speakers Area

  - Press corner

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